Friday, January 5, 2007

More pictures of Lucy

Here are some more pictures of our little Lucy. She amazes us more and more every day. So far her hobbies consist of eating (a lot), sleeping (a lot), pooping (a lot) and crying (a lot). We still love her though ;o) She has a real talent of filling a diaper right after we have put a fresh one on her. She also likes to be where the action is. She is cool and calm as long as she can hear us talking or some sort of sound in the background. Here's a picture of her chillin' with Grandma while we played an intense game of Phase 10.

She likes to watch us and I often wonder what she's thinking about. Probably something like "who are these weird people and who said they could take care of me anyway?".

Despite the pooping and crying, we love her more than anything and can't wait to see this little girl grow. Here we are after an early morning feeding enjoying some quality mother daughter time.