Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sling's the Thing

When I was pregnant I wanted to get something I could easily carry Lucy in if I had to walk somewhere (considering I walk everywhere) and my dear friend Katherine suggested I get a Maya Wrap sling. I must say that after using it for several months, it is the best purchase I have made so far. I use it on the subway, the buss, I have directed the ward choir with Lucy sitting front and center.

Lucy is definitely what I would call a "high-need baby" and physical contact is a big part in keeping her happy.
I will often put her in it while I grocery shop, do dishes or prepare dinner and she just enjoys watching me work. Since I started wearing it at church, several ladies in my branch have purchased them. So to all the mothers out there I say "your baby is your best accessory! Wear them with pride!"

Funny hat photos

Check out this funny looking girl. I must say this first picture fits Lucy to a "T". She's always trying to get the last word in... and she can't even talk!

The most popular girl in school

If you've ever been to Korea you know that Korean children love foreigners, especially Americans. We're like celebrities over here.... OK maybe not celebrities, but everyone wants to talk to us so they can practice their English. Recently Lucy and I went with our friends Tiffany and Molly to Yuido to do some sight seeing. There is a really big building there with 63 floors where you can pay to go to the top and look out over all of Seoul.

It must have been "kids get in free day" because the place was crawling with them. Every time you passed one they would greet you with a very loud "HELLO!!". And if you got past that, they would proceed to ask you all the questions they could remember from their English class. "Where are you from?" was the most popular as far as second questions go. As if being American wasn't enough of an attraction, having a cute baby brought them in by the dozens. "Cute baby!!!" they would all say as they all tried to pinch her cheeks. I put a stop to that one real quick. Needless to say, she was definitely the most popular girl in school that day.
In a cheap attempt to document our new found fame, we thought we'd see how many of them we could get to be in pictures with us. Also, for your information, in Korea "V" isn't for peace, it's for VICTORY!!

America's Next Top Model

Need I say more?

Thanks to Fred

Recently Fred was honored for his work in the Emergency Room. Fred has been working in the ER for the past year and has been over their supply room as well as helping with patients. He has worked many long hours and has gone above and beyond the call of duty many times. He was honored with a nice plaque that displays both the US and the Korean flag with a clock in the center and a plaque with some words of thanks for his hard work. Way to go Fred! He has since moved to the Ambulatory Care Clinic and is enjoying his work there.


For the past month, Lucy has loved to roll around on the floor. At first she could only lay on her back and kick her feet up, but now she's getting herself in all kinds of different positions. She likes to lie on her side, suck her thumb and watch the TV with Mom and Dad. She recently started to roll herself over on her stomach. At first it was quite funny to watch because her arm would get stuck underneath her and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get it out!!

It didn't take long before she was able to figure out how to get her arm out and now she's pushing herself up like a pro!
It's only a matter of time before she'll be crawling all over the place. Watch out world! Here comes Lou! Check out those cute cheeks!! Don't you just want to pinch em'!!!