Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sling's the Thing

When I was pregnant I wanted to get something I could easily carry Lucy in if I had to walk somewhere (considering I walk everywhere) and my dear friend Katherine suggested I get a Maya Wrap sling. I must say that after using it for several months, it is the best purchase I have made so far. I use it on the subway, the buss, I have directed the ward choir with Lucy sitting front and center.

Lucy is definitely what I would call a "high-need baby" and physical contact is a big part in keeping her happy.
I will often put her in it while I grocery shop, do dishes or prepare dinner and she just enjoys watching me work. Since I started wearing it at church, several ladies in my branch have purchased them. So to all the mothers out there I say "your baby is your best accessory! Wear them with pride!"

1 comment:

Aunt Nat said...

What a cute baby, she's just a chillin' in your pouch. But man, look at that hot momma! You look so pretty in pink. nat