Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The most popular girl in school

If you've ever been to Korea you know that Korean children love foreigners, especially Americans. We're like celebrities over here.... OK maybe not celebrities, but everyone wants to talk to us so they can practice their English. Recently Lucy and I went with our friends Tiffany and Molly to Yuido to do some sight seeing. There is a really big building there with 63 floors where you can pay to go to the top and look out over all of Seoul.

It must have been "kids get in free day" because the place was crawling with them. Every time you passed one they would greet you with a very loud "HELLO!!". And if you got past that, they would proceed to ask you all the questions they could remember from their English class. "Where are you from?" was the most popular as far as second questions go. As if being American wasn't enough of an attraction, having a cute baby brought them in by the dozens. "Cute baby!!!" they would all say as they all tried to pinch her cheeks. I put a stop to that one real quick. Needless to say, she was definitely the most popular girl in school that day.
In a cheap attempt to document our new found fame, we thought we'd see how many of them we could get to be in pictures with us. Also, for your information, in Korea "V" isn't for peace, it's for VICTORY!!

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