Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hello friends and family! Being so far from you all has compelled me to explore the world of long distance communication and find out a good way to keep in touch. After checking out several options, I feel compelled to become a blogger. Ten years ago the term "blogger" may have implied something involving a swamp, but today it makes me technologically "hip". So sit back and hear how this Utah girl becomes "Seoul Savvy".

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Lori Black - now Saurey said...

Hi Bamfo's,
Your website, blogger page was awesome to read and see how you both are doing. I'm sorry I didn't make it to your baby shower melissa, but know I send my love and hope that you and the baby are doing fine growing together, more ways than one. You look great pregnant. I hope I look that good. No i'm not making an announcement, but maybe sometime soon. Things are good here in Idaho. It is getting colder. How is it in Korea? The pictures looked pretty warm. If it is warmer soak it up and be glad your not back here freezing. Fred looks sharp in his suit. Looks like a military man. Levi's brother just went into the Air Force and just got done with basic training. His parents went down and couldn't believe how much he had changed. He acts so much more grateful and his posture is amazing. I seem to appreciate more our armed forces, especially when you have a loved one involoved. I'm sure you appreciate it much more than I or most will. Tell him thank you for serving. I graduate in December and already have a job lined up in Idaho Falls at the Child Development Center. It's my dream job. I'm pretty excited. Thanksgiving was wonderful. Definetly ate more than I needed to. Anyway, hope you are doing well and know that we all miss you and wish you the best. I hope this works. Love you, Lori Saurey