Friday, May 14, 2010

Energy Work

Next week I'm going down to St. George to learn the art of energy work. I love the varried reactions I get from people when I tell them what I'm going to do. My favorite is when a friend thought I was going to work for the power company laying power lines. LOL!! Just give me a hard hat and point me to a ladder ;)

No I haven't joined the power workers union. I'm going to learn an amazing skill that has changed my life in hopes that I can use it to change the lives of others. When I was first introduced to energy work I wasnt sure about it. I didn't really understand it, but I knew that there were things I wanted to change about myself that I felt powerless to change. I had struggled with them so long and after many failed attempts to change, had almost resigned myself to dealing with it forever.  I was ridden with fear and had lots of anger resulting from my divorce. I hated the idea that I would have to live the rest of my life dealing with these emotions. A dear friend explained that I don't have to live a life as a victim to those emotions and convinced me to give energy work a try. Afterall-- what did I have to loose? She was exactly right. Worse case scenario I would end up the frustrated mess I was at the time, and I could deal with that. It was a chance to change and I took it.

You're probably wondering what energy work is, so let me explain. In our body we have all our body systems: the nervous system, circulatory system, etc. These systems effect how our body functions. In our body we also have energy systems: shakra's, meridians, aura, etc.  You may have heard of them before as well, but you most likely didn't learn about them in health class ;) These systems house your emotions.  Our emotions reside in the form of energy in our system and they effect how we think and feel every day.

Have you ever felt like you were meant to something great, but you felt like your efforts to achieve that always fall short? Often times those negative emotions and beliefs are what hold us back from getting what we want. Energy work allows us to find and remove those blocks and beliefs and replace them with positive energy and affirmations.  Another important thing to know about energy work is that sometimes we are vicitim to beliefs and energy that is passed down from our ancestors. Often time feelings that a progenetor had centuries ago have been passed down through our DNA and end up with us. For example, I come from an extrememly loving and supportive home. I have always felt and known the love of my family. I have no reason to fear being loved, but I do. I have most of my life. Through energy work I have been able to remove that block.  I heard it explained like this. Energy work is like unlocking the doors of a car. When you're in the car and you want to get out, if the doors are locked no matter what you try you can't seem go get out. By removing that bad energy, you have unlocked the doors. It is now free and safe for you to get out of the car. You stilll have to do the work ,but those negative beliefs that have been holding you back are no longer there limiting you.

I cannot even tell you the profound change I have seen in myself since I started doing energy work. To put it in a way that you  might understand it better, I feel like I have been taken out of a room where my choices and options were limited and have been set up on a mountain where I can see every possibility and opportunity availble to me. It has helped replace anger with peace and self doubt with faith. It has helped me find joy where there was fear. Ultimately it has made me more aware of my Savior and how ready he is to bless me if I will only accept his blessings. I am elated that soon I will be able to share this with others.

If you're interested in learning more about energy work, please don't hesistate to ask.

♥ Love you all--



Katie said...

This is so awesome that you are doing this! I feel almost exactly like what you describe you felt. I've wanted to do energy work for literally years but have always been fearful of healing and moving forward. Not fearful of the work itself, but fearful of healing. How weird is that?! That probably just means I need to do it :-)

After next week, do you think you'll be able to help people as well as an experienced practitioner, or is this something that takes time to learn?

I know there are people out there who say that energy work derives its power from Satan, and to be honest, that does concern me a little bit. They say that if you've never studied the occult, you would never know. (These are people who have been involved with the occult and then converted to Christianity.) I've always thought their argument is ridiculous and decided that I see none of 'Satan' in the fruits of energy work, but then I decided I probably shouldn't dismiss the idea entirely. Have you come across that idea at all?

Melissa said...

I can understand where you're coming from. When I first heard about energy work I was very worried about getting involved in something that would stray from gospel principles. I was concerned that it would cause me to put my faith in man and not in God. Ironically, I was very frustrated with my relationship with God at the time. As I've done energy work the thing I've realized is that it's allowed me to stop self sabotaging behaviors that have kept me from becoming who I want to be. I've realized in so many ways that God is waiting and ready to carry my burdens and to change my life, but I have been unable to hand it over to him and accept his help in many ways. I have been bound by feeling like I have to do x y and z in order to receive certain blessings. This has been my mentality most of my life and I'm realizing that as I let those things go I am better able to allow the Lord to work in my life. The scriptures tell all the time to ask and we will receive and to knock and things will be opened to us, but if we're not able to receive the things he has to give us, how can we progress? Energy work helps remove the things keeping us from receiving all the blessings and goodness God has for us. It’s like the car scenario. If you’re in a car and you’re trying to get out, someone has to unlock the door before you can get out. Energy work is what unlocks the doors and allows you to move forward.

The woman who I am learning from teaches Energy work from an LDS gospel perspective. As energy workers we are not healers (God is the only true healer) we are facilitators and her goal is to have a facilitator in every family.

After my class next week I will be a certified practitioner. Because I'm looking for people to get practice with I will be offering some great introductory rates. You've been through a lot-- more than me. Energy work can be done over the phone from anywhere. If you're interested in doing it I would love to work with you Katie.

I hope this helped clear some things up. If you have further questions please ask!! I’m loving this.

Katie said...

The way you've explained it is how I see it too. It's just that I've been very wrong about things before, and now I'm wary of everything, good and bad!

I like the goal of having a facilitator in every family. The herbal school I like has the same goal for an herbalist in every family. I like not having to rely on doctors for everything.

Jody Hill said...

Who did you learn from? From my work, I'm actually in the process of writing a book to bridge that gap between energy work and the LDS is so much the same. A few tweeks in terminology and we have a clearer understanding of the scriptures and ourselves.
Once we really know who we are, we no longer see things from a boxed in view. Nothing in this "natural" world will keep us from experiencing amazing spiritual experiences unless we choose to avoid them. Thank you!

Melissa said...

I wish I knew how to reply to you directly, but I dont know your email! If you'd like to e-mail me directly please do! I can be reached at As far as who I learned from and the link between Energy work and the LDS gospel, I have a lot of feelings and theories on that. I learned Energy work from Carolyn Cooper who is a great source. Feel free to check out her website at If you have further questions, please send them directly to my email.

Hope to hear from you soon!