Friday, May 7, 2010

We're a team

Single motherhood is rough somedays. The days that are the hardest seem to be when I feel like I have to fight with Lucy to get her to listen and obey. It's frustrating because as a parent, your motives are to protect and to prevent things from happening, but from a 3 year olds perspective, all Mom does is spoil the fun. In an effort to work together more, I've been referring to us as a team. I give more insentives and less punishments and it seems to work...most days.

Almost every day I remind Lucy of our "team-hood":

Me:  "Remember, we are a..."
Lucy: "TEAM!!"
Me: "That's right! And we work..."
Me: "That's right!! Team Mom and Lucy.  And how do we work together?"
Lucy: "We listen and obey"
Me: "That's right!"

I love being a mom--I wouldn't trade it for anything ♥


The Marsden 4 said...

What a great picture of your "team!" Way to go!

I admire you for being able to be a single parent, I can't imagine how difficult it must be at times but it looks like your are doin' pretty darn good!

Kenna said...

Have you ever watched wonder pets? They have a teamwork theme song. You should check it out for the Lucy and mom team!
Good luck!