Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2008 Bamfo Family Update

As we approach the beginning of a new year, we thought it might be nice to let you all know what we've been up to. I should name this our 2007 update, but 2008 rhymes with update so I'm going to skip ahead a year. 2007 has been an exciting and momentous year for us. We have much to be grateful for...

As many of you know, in April of 2006 Fred was stationed in Yongsan, Seoul, Korea with the US Army. During his time in Korea he was able to work in the Military Hospital Emergency Room as a Medic. He enjoyed being able to work closely with the doctors and nurses and learned a lot during his time there. After a year in the ER, Fred gratefully excepted a transfer to the Ambulatory Care Clinic, a much less stressful job, for the remainder of his stay in Korea. During his time in the Army Fred has made many wonderful Friends whom he still keeps in contact with. In July of 2006 Fred received his US citizenship and is now a full fledged American, but is in the process of applying for dual citizenship. Although he is technically an American, Fred still has a hard time with some of our American traditions, like putting cheese on EVERYTHING! He hasn't fully accepted that one yet :o). In July of 2007 Fred underwent surgery to have his tonsils removed. It was a very painful process for a 32-year-old to undergo, but Fred recovered well and is now doing fine. In August Fred separated from the Army after two years of active duty. Later that month Fred began his masters at the University of Utah in public health. He began his degree taking an extra heavy load of classes which placed a lot of stress on him. He has done well managing his classes, but looks forward to a lighter load next semester. He has also been asked to join his department for a project they will be doing in Ghana next year. Fred is excited for the opportunity to serve his fellow Ghanian's and always anxious for another educational experience. And last, but certainly not least, On December 25, 2006 Fred became the Daddy to our beautiful daughter Lucy. He loves to spend time with her playing on her drum, throwing her in the air, or playing on the computer together. Fred and Lucy have a special bond and it is fun to see their daddy-daughter love grow.

This year has been an especially momentous year for me (Melissa) also. As many of you know, I packed my things and moved myself to Korea in late September of 2006. On Christmas Eve last year I went into labor and gave birth to our beautiful baby, Lucy Diane Bamfo, on Christmas morning at 3:37 AM. Since that day she has been the joy and center of our lives. Motherhood has brought many new challenges for me and I have learned many new definitions of love, patience and persistence. It has truly stretched me and I'm sure will continue to for a very long time. Being a new mother in a foreign country added an interesting twist to things and I did my best to adapt. I have fond memories of hauling a diaper bag, stroller, and baby carrier up and down three flights of stairs just to get from our apartment to the base, or traveling to church with Lucy on the bus a long distance to church ( a new experience for a Utah girl like myself). We were blessed to make many new friends who took us in and treated us much like family while we were so far away from our own. We really felt loved and learned the true meaning of discipleship through the example of others. We will never forget the influence of these wonderful friends, home teachers, visiting teachers and leaders in our lives. In August we left our home in Korea and returned to Utah. After a very long and grueling 15 hour plane ride with a squirmy infant, we were glad to touch ground. We settled in Salt Lake City and have enjoyed making new friends and finding opportunities to serve. I have also been working two part time jobs from home. I teach English to 17 Koreans over the phone from 4 to 6:30 AM and then again from 2 to 3 in the afternoon. I also teach voice lessons in the evening from my home and then travel one day a week to Layton where I teach out of my parents home. I love to teach and enjoy working with students of all ages and abilities. The Lord has truly blessed me to be able to work at home and take care of Lucy full time. I also enjoy being an Aunt to my nieces and nephews, both in Ghana and Utah. I look forward to going to Ghana in June of 2008 and anxious to meet my Bamfo family for the first time.

Lucy Diane Bamfo has had quite an adventurous first year of life. She was born in Korea and basically had to be ripped from the womb (via c-section). She wasn't to happy about that, but has since learned to deal with it. During her first few months of life her favorite pass times were eating, sleeping and LOTS of crying. She also developed the talent to squirt poop all over her Mom and Dad on several occasions. Lucy loved to be held and spent lots of time being carried in a sling. She would often sit "kangaroo" style watching Mom fix dinner or direct the Branch choir. At about 4 months she was able to roll over and would spend hours rolling all over our apartment. It was also around this time when Lucy discovered the love for her thumb. It is her constant companion and source of comfort. At 7 months Lucy finally figured out how to crawl with the help of our hotel room carpet. We figure that our hard wood floors were the reason she hadn't been able to figure it out before then. Since moving to Utah, Lucy has been developing a close relationship with her family and has a special love for her Grandma Jones. Lately her favorite hobbies are playing with her toys, eating things off the floor (which Mom and Dad have to immediately pry out of her mouth), walking, cuddling with her blanket and looking at Christmas lights. Lucy now has 8 teeth and more coming in every day! She is walking a lot and keeps us on our toes trying to keep things out of her hands. Lucy has the biggest smile and brings much joy to her family and anyone she comes in contact with. We love her very much and are grateful to have her in our family.

During this Christmas season we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and testify to you that Jesus is the Christ. We know that he is our Saviour and Redeemer and that through his atonement we can repent and return to live with Him again. He is the reason for the season. May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love the Bamfo Family

Fred, Melissa and Lucy

PS. keep in touch!


Kelly said...

what a wonderful update on your past year. So glad I had a chance to meet you Melissa.

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and all the rest!


Amy said...

Wow Melissa! It is so cool to reconnect. Our daughters are 6 days apart!