Thursday, December 6, 2007

Labor Day

As many of you already know, I am terribly behind with my blogging. I'm just now getting to things that happened in September!! At this rate I'll be covering Christmas in July! Actually, hopefully I catch up by then.

Over Labor day weekend this year we met up with some friends for a little party. We went to Stephen and Karen Aboadge's house in Lehi where we enjoyed a night of good food, good company and some serious ping pong playing! There were 4 families there, all of which are mixed couples. It was fun to be together again and see our children play and interact together. Below is a picture we took of all us Mommas and our babies. (left to right: Karen and Tasha, Hilary, Ama and Kaleb, Me and Lucy, and Lonni and Miles.)

Later that night Lonni decided to give Miles a bath before bed. We decided to throw Lucy in their also and see what happened. Even though it was close quarters, they basically ignored each other the entire time! But aren't they cute?

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