Monday, August 17, 2009

When I grow up

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? I always thought I did, but I'm finding out that I really don't. Divorce will do that to you-- take all your plans and throw them up in the air and mess em all up!! As frustrating as it is, I have to admit that I've enjoyed the opportunity to really think about what it is that I want to do with my life.

Recently I started working with my dear friend Cosette who is a dream coach. I work with her once a week and we're working on getting clear about what it is that I want to do and learning how to set goals and make my dreams a reality. Of course, to make your dreams come true it's important to have a clear picture of what your dream is. This is where I struggle!! My dream was always to raise a righteous family and love and care for a spouse and children, but unfortunately that dream doesn't pay the bills! Although that is still my dream, I have had to broaden my view and figure out what my dream career is, but ultimately who I want to become.

Now here is where I'm struggling. It's been hard for me to think of what I want to do because I keep trying to fit it into a title, for example "teacher" or "entrepreneur". But I'm just not feeling the title thing. So I've decided to just make a list of things I am passionate about that I would like to do in a career and then figure out where I fit. I realize this could set me up for some long term career as an underwater yoga and basket weaving instructor, but if I loved it, who cares?!!

I invite you to play along with me here. I'm going to list some things that I'm passionate about doing and you tell me what career I can have that would encompass all of these elements and at the same time bring me lots and lots of money. (**remember the lots of money part!!**)

Here goes... I love to teach and share with others. I would love to work in an environment where I felt like there was an exchange of ideas and energy with others. I love to present. I would accept a public speaking assignment any day and be happy as a clam about it. I enjoy working with other people often, but not all the time. I need to be exchanging ideas and feelings with others. It totally energizes me. I want everyday to engage me mentally, physically and emotionally. Especially emotionally...but not in a draining way. I love music and ideally would like to share my talent and passion for it with others. I feel like communicating through music is a strength I have and I want to use that. I am passionate about health and achieving a mind/body/spirit connection. I embrace alternative forms of medicine and health and feel passionately about sharing that with others.

So the challenge I give to my 4 followers (yes, I have 4 followers now!!) and anyone else who reads this, is to tell me what title you would give my dream job. Get those creative juices flowing~~~ I can't wait to hear what you come up with!!


Jack said...

Well it sounds to me like you want to be what you already are, a MOM, you have to do all of the above and more, so there you go, that's my answer.

Emily Horrocks said...

lol Jack being a Mom doesn't pay $$ unfortunately. Unless Lucy can start modeling and bringing in $. There's an idea!

Melissa, after reading your post I thought of a few things.

One. A musical therapist. Would probably require going back to school for a PhD though? Maybe a Masters? cool profession though. and sounds like it'd be up your alley. Kind of a holistic approach to getting through to people with disabilities and struggles.

Two. Public Relations Specialist for a company that you truly believe in. Your favorite Vitamin company, or something that you really advocate.

Three. A Columnist for a Health/Body section of a local paper.

As far as $$ goes...maybe the musical therapist idea but then you'd have to go back to school. As a PR specialist, you'll have to start off small but can quickly make your way up. Time to start doing research on how to get some work together, give speeches, and writing press releases and fact sheets. SO MUCH FUN though since you love getting up in front of people.

Three. You'll probably never make much $. sorry.

Barb said...

I'm with Emily. The first thing I thought of when i read your paragraph was a Public Relations Specialist...

Goodman Family said...

I loved all the other comments also.
Another idea is checking out with schools they always need extra help with music, maybe not public schools, but private or charter, and a lot of times you do not need a specific degree.
My mom works at an elementary in a poor area, she is over what is called Title 1, and she has a few helpers that help with drawing, music, and physical education, the people that work for her do not have degrees and I know they don't make a lot, but it could be a start. If I find out any more info I could pass it along and hopefully it will help. Good luck!

Grand Pooba said...

A music teacher, a vocal coach (is that what it's called?)

Try out for AMERICAN IDOL!

Now there's a winner :)

Lindsey and Adam said...


I loved teaching music. I can't remember if you got your degree in performance or education, but I absolutely loved my job as a middle school music teacher. It combines public speaking since you almost always have those kids attention and your love for music.

I also like the idea of a musical therapist. I have toyed with that idea as well. I don't play the guitar and would have to learn since most musical therapy jobs deal with bringing a guitar in and playing and singing to or with your patients.

I am glad you posted your blog on facebook. I am thinking about you and am looking forward to your future blog posts to see what you decide to pursue. You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

You could work as a trainer or curriculum developer for a company that uses home based agents like Mary Kay or Lia Sophia. You should find a company that you believe in and see if they have any openings in sales or recruiting. Good luck. I know it is hard to put a label on your passions. It may take a little while, but it can be done.

Melissa said...

Thank you all for your suggestions- They are all wonderful. I'm still on the journey of discovering my purpose and when I figure that out I'm sure the career will follow. You have all helped me brainstorm some amazing careers though! I'll keep you posted.

Erin said...

Have you heard of Impact Training? You could be a counselor there. You should get to know my friend Sonia. She has a great blog about finding yourself and does some kind of "Journey" guided meditation stuff. She isn't getting paid for it yet, but I think she will eventually. Check out her blog on my blog reel under "Angel's Landing".

Emily Horrocks said...

Ooooh another idea Melissa... have you ever given thought into becoming a Doula?

I think it'd be so cool!