Sunday, November 5, 2006

After much waiting and and a lot of patience, we finally have a place!! And compaired to our last apartment, it's a palace. I cannot proceed any further withoug a big thanks to our realitor, Sara Yee, who worked very hard to get us into our place as quickly as possible. As the saying goes, "Nobody doesn't like Sara Yee" :o)

I have included a few pictures of our place for you to see. We are in a brand new 3 bedroom apartment in a very nice part of town. It's considered a middle class neighborhood and is very safe. One of the "bedrooms" has a nice desk in it so we'll use it for our office. The other spare bedroom will be my Mom's when she comes to visit and the baby will sleep with us. The military requires that our landlord furnish the apartment for us. We lucked out because a new apartment means new furnishings and appliances. We have a HUGE fridge, a washer/dryer combo, a dishwasher, a mini TV in the kitchen and even our own Kimchi regridgerator! Korean's are serious about their Kimchi. You can see it next to the picture of the washer/dryer. Another cool feature we like about our apartment is the door camera so we can check out whose outside and decide if we want to answer the door or not. There is also a speaker phone by the toilet in the master bathroom which allows you to speak with people who come to the door. It's kind of an awkward feature, but I'm sure it will come in handy someday. A lot of the things I'm pointing out are things you can't see from the pictures. We also have beautiful furniture and a comfy queen size bed. I will send more pictures later on but enjoy these for now.

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K&D Jones said...

Congratulations you two! You are so lucky and blessed to have things work out so well for you. We are thrilled for you and will continue to pray that Heavenly Father's blessing will be upon you always.

Your apartment is so nice! I think Dad will be jealous of your spacious office! And I'm coveting that kimchi refrigerator!

So is it hardwood floors throughout? Probably since the heating is in the floor it would have to be that way. Cool!

Well, I'm going to see if this will work this time.
Love, MOM