Sunday, November 12, 2006


Yes. We officially got lost. And not just a little lost. We were really truly honest to goodness lost. We moved into our apartment and found out that there was a bus that goes from our neighborhood right to where we have church and it’s only like a 20 minutes away!! This is a HUGE improvement, considering it used to take us an hour by subway and bus to get there.

So, we left early for church so I could get there in time to direct ward choir. We got on the right bus, but come to find out we were headed in the wrong direction. Our 20 minute bus ride ended up being a 2 hour tour of Seoul. Luckily it was a beautiful fall day and we got to see parts of Seoul we may have never seen! I felt bad about missing choir, but everyone in the branch enjoyed teasing us about getting lost :o) I guess we’re just one step closer to becoming “Seoul Savvy”.

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