Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mondu-guk and squid (YUMMY!)

My friend and visiting teaching companion took Tiffany took a couple of us out to eat at a little Korean restaurant by her house. It was SO good! The best Korean food I've had since I've been in Korea. We had a soup called Mondu-guk (mon-doo-gook) which means dumpling soup. It has dumplings, glutinous rice, veggies and a broth. It was very good. In Korea you order a main dish and they provide you with free side dishes which usually consist of Kimchi, a veggie salad smothered in some sort of mayonnaise like substance, and a couple other things which vary from restaurant to restaurant. We, being the daring women that we are, requested to try some of their squid which we had heard was very good. And it was very good! I didn't eat a lot, seeing as squid probably on the approved eating list for pregnant women, but I really liked it! A little fishy but good. Girls from left to right (Melissa, Kathryn Tripp, Tiffany Witt, Tiffany's sister Jana)

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