Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Insa Dong and McDonalds

In Seoul they seem to group like stores together into one big market. If you want fabric, you go to the fabric market where hundreds of vendors meet to sell their stuff. If you want flowers, it's the same. And so it is with musical instruments. Insa Dong is what some would call the "music district". If you're looking for an instrument, any instrument, you'll find it there. Today Lucy and I took our good friends Tiffany and Sammy and her son Mateo to the music market. There are stores all over the area, but we just went to one building where there are floors and floors of music stores. Everything from drums and violins, to keyboards and hand bells. They have EVERYTHING.

Here's a picture of Sammy, Mateo, Tiffany, Me and Lucy in front of the Music market. After an hour or so of piano shopping, we decided to stop at McDonald's for some lunch.

McDonald's may be everywhere, but it's not the same everywhere. Instead of getting the "BIG MAC", I decided to try the shrimp burger.

It was actually pretty good! Here's a cute picture of Mateo at McDonald's.

Koreans are big on recycling so if you are dining in, you are given real cups to drink out of instead of paper. When you go to leave, you sort all of your garbage into it's appropriate trash receptacle.

I think it's really cool. I think us Americans could learn a thing or two from Korea.

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